Gail Thornton
a pictorial archive of horse


Some other examples of Private Vehicles

This horse drawn sleigh looks a fabulous way to get around in this country, unfortunately we don't know where it is as there are no identifying marks.

This invalide carriage is the forerunner to the mobility scooter of today.  I know which I prefare.  Obviously one needed to be relatively well off in order to have access to one.  Unfortunately like many of my cards there is nothing written on the back of the postcard to give any clues as to who is in the picture of where it has been taken, not even the publishers name.

In Scarborough during the 1800's carriges like this, similar to a victoria were used to take courting couples in and around the town and along the promenade and even on the beach as it is shown in the postcard.  As you can see rather than a driver it was postillion driven. Professional jockeys for extra incoming often rode these horses, which offered total privacy to the passengers.

This is a fine example of a Stanhope Phaeton.  Originally built by Tilbury the coachbuilder to the design of the Hon. Fitzroy Stanhope, but like many popular vehicles became extensively copied by other coachbuilders. It was usually drawn by one horse, though in this real photograph it is being pulled by two, and used for the gentleman about town as it was particularly good at making full turns in small spaces. It has a hooded round-backed seat for the driver and one passenger, whilst the grrom would sit on the seat behind.  Purchases could be stored in the area behind the driver and in front of the groom.