Gail Thornton
a pictorial archive of horse drawn vehicles


A Little About Me

As you may have guessed, my name is Gail Thornton, and I live in Hull - East Yorkshire with my partner Paul Gibson.

I have always had pets, as I come from a family that has always had dogs. The photograph to the right shows one of my other old pets - Monty. Monty was three quarter Clydesdale and I loved to drive him in carriage events or just for fun along the country roads around my home, which at that time was in Beverley East Yorkshire. That's us there ...

I have collected old real photographic postcards, mostly from the Edwardian era, since meeting my partner Paul 18 years ago. It was his love of the hobby that led me to begin collecting.

A large part of this site is devoted to these images, as I feel strongly that people should share their collections for the pleasure of others. I had intended to write a book about horse-drawn transport but work commitments including setting up a 'not for profit' organisation called Time to Listen has left me with little time to devote to this long-term plan.

In the interim, Paul created this web-site as a Christmas gift for me in 2009, so here are some images from my collection for you to enjoy. I am by no means an expert on vehicles so please feel free to e-mail me should you wish to discuss any of the images or their descriptions.

Thank you - and enjoy the site.